Please avoid getting your jewellery wet. Always remove it before washing, playing sports, cleaning or gardening.


Avoid contact with personal care products and chemicals, such as cleaning fluids and polishes. Remove your jewellery when applying perfume, hairspray, deodorant, body spray, creams and lotions, and when doing the washing up!


Many gemstones and glass beads are sensitive to heat and light. Their colours may fade if they are left in direct sunlight so it’s best to store them in a pouch or box we provided to keep away from direct light.


Also, when storing your jewellery, try to keep pieces apart so that they won’t tangle up or rub together. Coil up necklaces and bracelets loosely and store flat to avoid kinking the beading wire.


Sterling silver, Silver Plated and other metals will tarnish over time when exposed to the air.   To restore your jewellery’s original shine you can polish it gently with a purpose-made polishing cloth. Storing your jewellery in polythene bags will also prevent tarnishing.